This bot allows checking whether you can be a blood donor. Available for Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger.

About project

Every 2 seconds in the world someone has an urgent need for donated blood. One donation can save up to three lives. Meanwhile, 90% of people who are eligible to donate blood are not doing so. With that said, almost 80% will agree to donate if they have been asked or if blood is required for a friend or relative.

Statistics says if 1% of the population of the country are blood donors will be enough for covering all needs. Although this is a reality only for a small set of developed countries. In most of the world, we see a deficit of blood donors in addition to bad logistics, bureaucratic laws, and corruption in healthcare.

Social networks and messengers have changed user behavior online changed how people communicate with each other. Social networks have become the search engine, newspaper and recommendation tool for a vast number of individuals. Also, a lot of people ask for help creating groups and conversations, while social networks can make any post go viral if it’s important enough. At the same time, a lot of people like to share their ability to help other people in different ways. However, 99% of such posts are not visible to the target audience and to people who need help.

Just ask yourself: Will you donate blood to a particular person (even you don’t know him or her) if you are asked by a messenger (by service or by friend recommendation) with detailed information about the accident? Maybe not, but some people will certainly. We want to use the viral effect of social networks, add the messenger’s popularity, take powerful tools for understanding human language and combine it with a database of recipients, blood centers, bloodmobiles and create a service that will help engage blood donors where and when they are needed.

DonorUA.Bot now understands Ukrainian and Russian languages and helps to understand if the person can donate blood.




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In DevRain we are building own products. It helps us to go through all the process - from the idea to the market like our clients do. We learn a lot how to fail, how to find first 1000 customers, how to be paid for them, how to work with media and opinion leaders. That's why we are building high-quality products for our clients because we understand them and their needs.

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