EGAP Challenge

EGAP Challenge

The purpose is implementing new electronic democracy tools to help citizens receive new high quality services.

About project

The purpose of EGAP Challenge is implementing new electronic democracy tools to help citizens receive new high quality services, interact with the government effectively and have a direct impact on it, as well as help the government reach a new level of transparency and efficiency.

EGAP Challenge is a joint initiative of the State Agency on Electronic Governance and the Eastern Europe Foundation (hereinafter – the organizers) under the EGAP Program (e-Government for Accountability and Participation) funded by the Swiss Confederation.

EGAP Challenge is intended for implementation over 3 years (2016-2018) and will take place in four pilot oblasts: Vinnytsia, Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, and Odesa Oblasts.

The organizers and partners of EGAP Challenge will focus primarily on supporting the tools that will help improve interaction between the government and citizens. The Challenge priorities are:

  • creating new tools for interaction between the government and the community, especially as regards enabling citizens to have direct influence on the governance decision-making processes;
  • making the activity of government agencies more transparent and open, especially as regards the formation of, and compliance with, budgets, issue of permits, etc.;
  • creating new high-quality services for citizens and the business communities, especially as regards the provision of public services;
  • development of projects based on open data;
  • resolving social problems;
  • bringing together the citizens’ efforts and organizing effective cooperation among them for resolution of shared problems;
  • SmartCity;
  • sector-specific projects intended to improve the efficiency of state governance and provide services to citizens and the business community (e-environment, e-medicine, e-education, etc.).



East Europe Foundation

The East Europe Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, public interest organization, established as a foundation.

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