Scanny free

Scanny free

Scanning documents can be stressful - wrong driver? Slow Computer? Say goodbye to your problems scanning today.

About project

With Scanny, you can scan an unlimited number of documents on the go - with ease. Turn your mobile device into a portable scanner - and keep up to date wherever you go. Our innovative app is perfect for business people and anyone who needs an inexpensive and efficient way to convert documents into PDF-files and other file formats.

Scanny is leaps and bounds in the future - a combination of automatic edge detection and sharpening text - allows any document to be clear and readable.


  • intuitive and effective way to scan documents on the go,
  • saving documents in PDF, JPEG and ZIP without difficulties,
  • loading documents instantly on Skydrive, Dropbox and others. Program with one touch,
  • automatically improve the quality of the text to make your documents clearer.






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