A #Slack chatbot for daily scrum meetings.

About project

Configurable chatbot which is able to conduct scheduled scrum meetings in team`s messaging channel (e.g. Slack workspace). Chatbot's parameters are configured via admin portal. The workflow is following: chatbot asks typical scrum questions, gets users responses, extracts key entities from a response, stores that info and also reposts it to the special team scrum channels. Later stored information is used for team effectiveness and complexity of tasks analysis.

ScrumBotis a Lab project and not available in public.



Yes, we are building own projects!


"Doing business is not a trivial task. You can create a good product but get zero customers. That's because development is the important part of building products, but marketing and sales are essential. If you a software development company you aware of technologies and architecture, not customer business needs. That's why a lot of collaborations between businesses and software development companies failed.

In DevRain we are building own products. It helps us to go through all the process - from the idea to the market like our clients do. We learn a lot how to fail, how to find first 1000 customers, how to be paid for them, how to work with media and opinion leaders. That's why we are building high-quality products for our clients because we understand them and their needs.

Let's make great products and business together!"

– Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO, Co-founder

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