Windows 8 app for Sushiya - network of Japan restaurants in Ukraine.

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Sushiya - network of restaurants of modern Japanese cuisine, focused on young audience that is interested in Eastern culture and appreciate a cozy atmosphere no less than the upscale menu. The restaurant offers to guests healthy Japanese cuisine with the tastiest dishes preserving maximum of their useful properties. They have developed and strictly comply with four basic rules: Freshness, Quality, Usefulness, and Safety. The first restaurant opened in December 2006, Since then, the company is constantly expanding its geography. Today, the company covers 36 restaurants in 12 regions of Ukraine. Since its inception, the company has provided more than 1,000 jobs for Ukrainians. On the basis of Sushiya for the first time in Ukraine was established a school for cuisine lovers, the graduates of which not only are trained in the most prestigious chef's profession in the country but employment in a restaurant Sushiya.

The additional business line of the Sushiya restaurant chain is the Accurate Delivery service. Today, the Accurate Delivery service staff consists of 20 call center operators and over 200 delivery men. The service car park consists of 43 cars (19 FordKa and24 SmartForTwo) and 4 Honda Lead 90 mopeds.

DevRain Solutions created a Windows 8 app for Sushiya that include most recent news of the company, menu and a list of restaurants of the chain. If you want to order something, you can just add items to the basket and fill the form where you indicate the address and time.


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Sushiya LLC

A network of Japan restaurants in Ukraine.

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