Chatbot to Live Operator Switch.

About project


Consider system, which includes bots and live operators (e.g. a complicated support infrastructure). The problem which arises in such a system is to determine the appropriate moment of switching user from to live operator.

Solution description:

Application which consists of four components: chatbot (e.g. Telegram), backend (Chatbot/Live Switchover, ML model), module which is responsible for chatbot conversation logic (e.g. via integration with DialogFlow) and module which provides connection to live operator (e.g. Intercom).

It works as following:

  1. User is some dialog with bot, where dialog logic was derived from DialogFlow.
  2. Chatbot/Live Switchover ML model is a background task, which is listening to and analyzing conversation to detect the moment when user is needed to be switched from conversation with bot to live operator.
  3. At the moment ML model triggers switcher, user is automatically connected to live operator.



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