Personal Assistant for Newcomers.

About project

TenderfootBot allows automating internal organizational processes in the company. For instance, consider people who are newcomers. Usually, their work begins with some sequence of steps, such as installing soft, signing some documents, doing some bureaucratic procedures. The sequence may vary from company to company, but often the vast majority of steps in a sequence can be completed automatically.

One can build “workflow” for a corresponding internal process using “informational blocks”. “Workflow” is used by chatbot, which guides employees involved in that process step by step. “Informational blocks” which is the smallest piece of any information including texts, video, images that can be associated with employee, task, knowledge base or external service. In the same time, the chatbot possesses knowledge base, which is used to give additional explanations on some steps to users, answer to FAQ questions, etc.

TenderfootBot is a Lab project and not available in public.



Yes, we are building own projects!


"Doing business is not a trivial task. You can create a good product but get zero customers. That's because development is the important part of building products, but marketing and sales are essential. If you a software development company you aware of technologies and architecture, not customer business needs. That's why a lot of collaborations between businesses and software development companies failed.

In DevRain we are building own products. It helps us to go through all the process - from the idea to the market like our clients do. We learn a lot how to fail, how to find first 1000 customers, how to be paid for them, how to work with media and opinion leaders. That's why we are building high-quality products for our clients because we understand them and their needs.

Let's make great products and business together!"

– Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO, Co-founder

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