About Company

Intelligent solutions and services with a focus on simplicity and function.

DevRain is a Ukrainian full-cycle software development company with specialization in mobile, web, cloud and AI/ML development (Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, ASP.NET Core, Azure, iOS, Android, AI/ML, UX/UI).

Working with startups and enterprises in different domains including ERP/CRM/CMS systems, entertainment/communication/media, finance/banking, digital signage, e-Health and Smart City/eGov. Providing a full stack development from the idea to publishing, as well as research & development, startups consulting, data analysis and other services. Company is experienced in designing and developing intuitive desktop, mobile, tablet, wearable, TV solutions on Microsoft and iOS/Android platforms.

Awards and Memberships

Member of "Microsoft AI Inner Circle Program"

"Lead in mobile scenarios implementation on Windows Phone 8 platform" in 2013 by Microsoft Ukraine.

Top 5 Apps at the "Windows Phone Next App Star" contest.

Microsoft Gold Partner Microsoft BizSpark Program Member Microsoft Registered Partner YouTeam Trusted Partner 2017

Industry Profile

We offer services and solutions for a big range of industries and domains, but last five years we were able to accumulate huge experience in the following spheres:

  • Enterprise (creating complex solutions for business automation, CRM/ERP, web services, corporate secured applications, working with APIs);
  • Healthcare (processes automation for blood donor transfusion service);
  • Banking and Finance (mobile and web payment solutions, UX/UI for mobile solutions, trading software);
  • Retail (food delivery, solutions for cafes and bars);
  • Social network and messengers (social media monitories, chat and dating solutions, bots development);
  • Open Data, Smart City, eGov (communication with state authorities, solutions integration into city platforms, open data preparing and visualization);
  • Data Mining, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (working with data, data analysis, data visualization, AI bots development, NER/NLP solutions).
  • Internet of things.

Moreover, we have an ample experience in Media and Entertainment, Education, Transportation & Logistics and are always looking forward to new opportunities that would broaden our minds.


DevRain was founded in 2011.

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi

Chief Executive Officer

Software Developer and Architect with 15+ years of experience. Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Personal awards:

  • Microsoft Regional Director;
  • Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Most Valuable Professional (previously - ASP.NET/IIS, Windows Platform Development);
  • Telerik Developer Expert;
  • The Best Professional in Software Architecture (Ukrainian IT Awards).

Mykhailo Galushko

Chief Technology Officer

Software Developer and Architect with 13+ years of experience. Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. Passionated team/tech lead and team builder.

Personal awards:

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Reconnect;
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (Azure).

Development process

We are focused not on the process rather than the result. Although process in most of cases is the key of great result. The general process of developing software is the following:

  1. Scope stage. During this stage we are trying to understand business needs of the customer, gather all needed information and requirements, terms and conditions.
  2. MVP/prototyping. Based on technical specification we make a prototype, mockups or quick MVP to visualize the solutions, discuss the possible issues and research bottlenecks.
  3. UX/UI. On this stage we design the main scenarios, user interface and user experience.
  4. Development stage. Based on requirements we can select different process for development - from waterfall to Scrum or TDD with development cycle one or two weeks.
  5. Testing. After second or third development cycle we add QA specialist for testing software.
  6. Deployment. On this stage we prepare the environment, deploy the solution and test software in production.
  7. Support and improvements. On this stage we manage the whole working infrastructure, add improvements and fix bugs if any.

The most common process we use is Agile methodology. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change. With agile you are in charge during the whole development process and are welcome to add/change requirements and assess the already implemented functionality on the go.

While with waterfall process or fixed price project you decide all the requirements for your project at the very start and get exactly what you need for a fixed price at a fixed time.


We take the quality of the product very seriously. We use several approaches to increase the quality of the product.

  • Understanding business needs before the development starts.
  • Usage of right technologies, tools and best practices decreases technical debt.
  • Usage of high coding standards helps to detect bugs on early stage with is 10x cheaper in average than fixing bugs on late stages.

We use static code analyzers as well as commercial software to improve the overall development performance.

Technologies and Tools

We master all levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions on the following technologies and tools:

Back-End ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Azure, node.js
Desktop development WPF, Xamarin.Mac
Mobile Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms (iOS, Android), Universal Windows Platform (XBox One, Windows 10), React Native, Flutter
Front-End HTML5, CSS3, Angular, ReactJS
Databases Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Azure Storage, Cosmos DB
Source control Github, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps
Quality and development performance RevDeBug (debugging), Redgate (.NET, SQL and Azure tools), JetBrains ReSharper (refactoring and code quality), StyleCop (static code analysis)
Chatbots development Microsoft Bot Framework, Wit.AI, LUIS, Azure Cognitive Services, Natural Language Processing, Named Entity Recognition, Chatfuel
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Numerical recipes, statistics, R, Python, Azure Machine Learning Studio, MathCAD, Matlab