Corporate Social

At DevRain, we believe that with great technological power comes great responsibility. As pioneers in software development and a proud Microsoft partner, our vision extends beyond code and computers. It's rooted deeply in societal impact and enriching the communities we touch.
In a rapidly evolving digital world, our commitment remains unwavering - to harness technology not just for advancement, but for the betterment of society. Every line of code, every solution, and every partnership is a step towards a future where technology serves humanity ethically and purposefully.
Driving Digitalization for Nonprofits and Academia
Our partnership with Microsoft doesn’t just end at creating enterprise solutions. We're deeply committed to ensuring that nonprofit and academic organizations are not left behind in the digital age.
Licensing and Beyond
As a licensing partner, we assist nonprofits and academic institutions in choosing, activating, and configuring Azure and Microsoft 365. Leveraging various donation programs, we're paving the way for a brighter, digitized future for these organizations.
A Growing Family
With over 200 nonprofit and academic organizations under our umbrella, we are honored to have touched countless lives and missions.
Helping Ukraine to Win with DonorUA
In times of crisis, technology can be a beacon of hope. We are the proud technical partners of DonorUA, an award-winning blood donor recruitment platform.
Delivering Hope
Our collaboration ensures timely blood deliveries to war zones, quite literally saving lives on the frontline.
Recruiting Life-Savers
Beyond logistics, we actively recruit donors, fostering a culture of giving and unity.
Social Tech for Good
DonorUA is more than a platform. It's a testament to how technology can be harnessed for the greater good, representing an excellent model of a socially driven tech startup.
Fostering Public Learning Initiatives
Knowledge should be free, accessible, and shared. At DevRain, we actively champion this ethos.
DevRain Community
Hosting regular community meetings, we ensure a continuous exchange of ideas, innovations, and insights.
Transform Conference
An annual extravaganza that shines the spotlight on digital transformation, cloud computing, and AI. It's where the future is discussed and shaped.
Upskilling Initiative
In collaboration with Micrososft, Fast Lane, and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, we guide aspiring tech enthusiasts to prepare for Microsoft certifications. Because we believe in elevating every talent that seeks growth.
DevRain Cup: Uniting Through Sports
Sport isn't just a game; it's a celebration of unity, perseverance, and passion. DevRain Cup, held in Vinnytsia, is more than just a football tournament. It's an event that has blossomed into one of the most renowned and anticipated cups, bringing together players, fans, and communities.