Our Approach Across
Industries and Organizations

At DevRain, we specialize in custom software development, with a deep focus on Microsoft technologies (think Azure and Microsoft 365/Teams) and AI.

Since 2011, our team has developed tailored solutions for various industries, ranging from NLP-based healthcare chatbots to implementing generative AI technologies like ChatGPT in fintech and eCommerce, all to address specific challenges for our clients. Whether we're working with startups, non-profits, or established enterprises, our goal remains the same: to provide effective, tailored solutions that meet unique needs.

Join us as we delve into how we cater to the diverse requirements of these different sectors and organizations.

Industry-Specific Solutions
Understanding different industries and their unique needs can be challenging. At DevRain, we pride ourselves on figuring out these nuances and tailoring our solutions to fit. Here's a closer look at how we work with some key sectors:
In the healthcare sector, ensuring data privacy isn't just a best practice—it's paramount. This industry often deals with complex standards like HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA, making the realm of digital health both tough and interesting. Take, for instance, our work with DonorUA.
This platform isn't just about recruiting blood donors; it's a comprehensive management system that streamlines the entire donor process, ensuring data integrity and security at every step. Another venture that stands out is our collaboration with dbaza Health.
Beyond just creating another Learning Management System, we worked closely with them to develop a patient onboarding platform that's clinically validated for managing and reducing the costs of chronic diseases like diabetes.
This project emphasized tailoring an LMS dedicated to healthcare professionals, with a keen focus on enhancing patient adherence—a critical aspect often overlooked in traditional healthcare platforms.
Typical Tasks and Problems:
  • Ensuring robust security measures to protect patient data.
  • Establishing efficient booking systems.
  • Designing platforms for symptoms checkers.
  • Facilitating virtual appointments.
Key Technologies and Solutions:
  • Azure Health Bot
  • Azure Health Data Services
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
The legal field deals with a lot of data, documents, and rules. The main task is handling all this information while following strict laws like GDPR.
Our work with Liga Zakon is a prime example of this. Instead of merely storing data, we collaborated to create a system that makes legal data more accessible, intuitive, and efficient, transforming how legal professionals interact with information.
Additionally, we’ve partnered with Vinnova and Avantime, using open government datasets and eSignature tools to support transparency and efficiency in legal projects
Typical Tasks and Problems:
  • Navigating GDPR compliance intricacies.
  • Efficiently processing legal documents.
  • Seamless integration with open government data.
Key Technologies and Solutions:
  • eSignature tool integrations like DocuSign.
  • Platforms for working with open government data and registers.
In the fast-paced world of fintech, two aspects are non-negotiable: round-the-clock reliability and unwavering data privacy. Dive deeper, and you'll see the industry's core—integrations, transactions, and user experiences that feel effortless.
In collaboration with Lime Systems, we developed mobile banking experiences focused on user-friendly and secure interfaces rather than just transactions. We further extended our expertise through partnerships with banks across Ukraine, the USA, and the EU. With each project, we ensured that the underlying systems were as robust and reliable as the financial transactions they facilitated.
Typical Tasks and Problems:
  • Seamless integration of payment SDKs.
  • Crafting intuitive mobile banking experiences.
  • Prioritizing data privacy in every solution.
Key Technologies and Solutions:
  • Payment SDK integrations.
  • Mobile banking software collaborations.
For eCommerce businesses, it's not just about making sales in the booming digital marketplace; it's about creating experiences. Every store, every product listing, and every payment gateway is a potential touchpoint for the customer. One of our standout projects in this space involved crafting a niche CRM for wine shops.
This wasn't just about tracking sales; it was about knowing what wine lovers like and nsuring every suggestion felt personal. Another highlight was the integration of mPOS solutions. Here, the focus was not just on facilitating transactions but ensuring that each transaction happens seamlessly, adding value to the merchant and the shopper.
Typical Tasks and Problems:
  • Developing niche CRMs to cater to specific markets.
  • Integrating mPOS solutions for diversified payment options.
Key Technologies and Solutions:
  • CRM integrations tailored for specific industries.
  • mPOS solution development and integration.
Catering to Every Organization Type
Different organizations have different goals, and their tech needs vary widely. Whether it's a startup seeking a swift market entry or a government body striving for transparency, DevRain has the expertise to cater to these varying requirements. Here's a snapshot:
For large corporations like Metinvest or MHP, digital transformation is not just a buzzword—it's a necessity. Enterprises constantly strive to stay ahead, often seeking the right partners to test and implement digital innovations. DevRain has been pivotal for many such enterprises, guiding them through their transformative journeys.
Typical Tasks and Problems:
  • Leading digital transformation strategies.
  • Developing pilot projects for new initiatives.
  • Navigating the challenges of integrating new tech into existing systems.
In the dynamic ecosystem of startups, speed, and adaptability are of the essence. With dreams of making a mark in the market, startups often grapple with the need to quickly transform ideas into tangible products or services. Each startup faces its own set of unique challenges, and at DevRain, we've assisted many in building effective PoCs and MVPs to set them on the right path.
Typical Tasks and Problems:
  • Rapid development and deployment of PoCs and MVPs.
  • Balancing speed with product quality and scalability.
Small and medium-sized businesses often operate in a unique space, balancing the agility of startups with the structure of larger enterprises. These businesses aim to harness technology to drive efficiency and growth, but often without the vast resources of their larger counterparts.
At DevRain, we've supported numerous SMBs, providing them with tailored solutions, including implementing accounting and reporting software specific to their needs.
Typical Tasks and Problems:
  • Integrating technology to optimize existing business processes.
  • Seeking affordable, scalable solutions that match their growth pace.

The world of nonprofits is driven by passion, purpose, and a relentless desire to make a difference. However, tight budgets and tech limits often get in the way. Understanding these challenges intimately, DevRain steps in to bridge the technological divide for nonprofits.

We offer a range of services, from consultation to licensing and implementation of Microsoft's specialized programs for nonprofits, including Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud. Our engagement with nonprofits has always revolved around ensuring they use technology efficiently and economically, maximizing their positive impact.

Typical Tasks and Problems:
  • Addressing the lack of sufficient technical software.
  • Managing operations with limited technological budgets.
Check out our How We Work With Nonprofits page for more information.
The academic realm is where bright minds are shaped, and the future is built. Yet, institutions often struggle to add new tech to improve the learning experience. Stepping into this space, DevRain has partnered with universities in the US and Ukraine to elevate digital learning experiences.
We not only assist in obtaining free Microsoft 365 A1 or discounted Microsoft 365 A3 licenses but also facilitate the implementation of tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams for Education.
Beyond tools, our influence has extended to creating and conducting training courses and certifications. Our lead, Oleksandr, stands out as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, fostering education across platforms including Metinvest Polytechnic, KSE, and UCU.
Typical Tasks and Problems:
  • Transitioning to efficient virtual learning platforms.
  • Ensuring comprehensive tech support for both educators and learners.
The primary mission of governance is ensuring the welfare of millions. It requires clear, efficient, and durable systems. Recognizing these requirements, DevRain helps governments upgrade their processes.
Our experiences range from aiding the Kyiv Smart City initiative to providing mentorship for the 1991 Open Data Incubator. We've also worked on civic tech and B2G projects, ensuring that the government's technological infrastructure is both up-to-date and scalable.
Typical Tasks and Problems:
  • Transitioning systems from on-premises setups to the cloud.
  • Implementing scalable and transparent digital solutions for complex governmental processes.
Partnering for Innovation
Across various industries and organizations, the evolving landscape of technology presents both challenges and opportunities. With expertise spanning across diverse sectors, DevRain has consistently demonstrated the capability to navigate this landscape effectively.
As we continue our journey, we remain committed to sharing our knowledge, fostering collaborations, and building innovative solutions that matter. If you're ready to transform challenges into opportunities, let's partner and shape the future together.