Software Development

Utilize cutting-edge technologies to build efficient, scalable, and innovative applications, ensuring your business stays ahead in the competitive digital landscape.
Our Experts
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO & Co-founder at DevRain
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Mykhailo Galushko
CTO & Co-founder at DevRain
Our development process is centered around understanding your unique business challenges and opportunities, enabling us to deliver solutions that not only meet your current requirements but also anticipate future trends. This proactive approach ensures that your business not only thrives in the competitive digital landscape but also establishes a benchmark for excellence and innovation.
Through our expertise, we empower you to navigate the complexities of the digital world with confidence, driving growth and securing a leading position in your industry.
Data & AI
AI is no longer a future concept; it's your key to success today. Whether you're aiming to improve customer support, enhance marketing strategies, boost data analysis, find the right talent, process documents, or set up digital assistants, AI is ready to speed up your business transformation.
AI Assistants
Utilizing a fusion of Natural Language Proccessing tools, Large Language Models, and Azure services, our team crafts bespoke AI assistants, including advanced chatbots and copilots. Leveraging the strengths of OpenAI, Azure, and other top-tier platforms, we deliver chatbots designed for rapid, precise responses and copilots adept at aiding smart decision-making, thereby amplifying your business's efficiency and impact.
Document Intelligence
Utilize AI to quickly process, analyze, and extract data from documents, reducing manual workload while boosting operational efficiency. From performing compliance checks on legal documents and contracts, driving intelligent search within your corporate knowledge base, to automating data extraction from emails for legal checks, AI fine-tunes your business operations.
Speech Applications
Transcribe sales calls for insights, turn meeting minutes into action items, offer voice-activated search for your platform, or craft immersive voice experiences for your apps. From customer service to team collaborations, make voice your game-changer.
Intelligent Social Listening
Intelligent Social Listening transcends traditional monitoring by employing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to comprehend, analyze, and interpret the vast array of online conversations. It doesn’t merely skim the surface by tallying mentions and hashtags; instead, it dives deep into the context, sentiment, and nuanced behaviors of online interactions. This sophisticated approach enables businesses to glean actionable insights, foresee market trends, and craft strategies that resonate authentically with their audience.
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Microsoft Azure
We offer a big range of use cases across industries and sectors that can be automated with Microsoft Azure platform capabilities.
Web and Mobile Applications
Microsoft Azure empowers developers to build and deploy scalable, high-performance web and mobile applications. With Azure, creating responsive websites, intricate web portals, comprehensive e-commerce platforms, and robust native or cross-platform mobile apps becomes a streamlined process, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.
API Applications
Microsoft Azure enables the secure and scalable design, deployment, and management of APIs. It supports efficient and seamless communication between applications, services, and data endpoints, facilitating the integration and extension of business operations in a cohesive ecosystem.
Serverless Applications
With Microsoft Azure Functions, developers can focus on their application logic without worrying about server infrastructure. This service is ideal for building event-driven applications that automatically scale to meet demand, simplifying the development process and accelerating time to market.
Application Connectivity and Integration
Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating smooth integrations across various applications, systems, and third-party services. Whether the goal is to enhance existing systems with cloud capabilities, connect disparate applications for better data flow, or automate business processes, Azure's integration services facilitate a more connected and efficient digital infrastructure.
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Microsoft 365 & Teams
In today's dynamic work environment, productivity and collaboration can't be confined to siloed applications. The modern workspace is about seamless interaction, unified platforms, and solutions that prioritize users over systems. Why should an employee shuffle between different apps when they can have everything under one umbrella?
Custom Apps
Transform your Teams platform with tailored applications. From intuitive chatbots to purpose-built tabs and innovative messaging extensions, we craft tools that elevate your Teams experience.
Microsoft Copilot Plugins
A comprehensive framework and set of tools provided by Microsoft to build AI-powered applications and copilots. It encompasses a variety of services and products that integrate AI capabilities to assist users in various tasks, from coding with GitHub Copilot to enhancing productivity in Microsoft 365 with intelligent features.
Still hooked to on-premises, Slack, or Google Workplace? Transition seamlessly to Microsoft 365 and Teams, unlocking unmatched efficiency and capabilities.
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Microsoft Power Platform

Tap into the capabilities of the Power Platform for low-code development, facilitating swift application creation, automation, and insightful analytics.

Microsoft SharePoint

Build collaborative digital environments with SharePoint, emphasizing easy content management, teamwork, and seamless business process integration.
What our customers say:
DevRain consistently delivers perfect results, focuses on business goals, and helps with technical solutions. They have a mindset of a business partner, not just a consultant.
Cedrik Leijon
Cedrik Leijon
CPO & Founder at Inphiz
DevRain's folks are constantly learning the new and better ways of doing work.
Sergey Sirotinin
Sergey Sirotinin
CEO at dbaza Health
Partnering with DevRain was a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in Microsoft Azure and AI revolutionized our processes, boosting our efficiency beyond expectations.
Olha Katiushchenko
Olha Katiushchenko
Chief Operating Officer of the Digital Division at Starlight Media
My work experience with DevRain could be described in 3 words: fast, proactive, and high-quality.
Dmytro Belousov
Dmytro Belousov
CEO at PlayBTL