Generating Azure Resource
Names with ChatGPT

In today's tech-driven landscape, adhering to best practices in cloud resource management is paramount. Microsoft, understanding this need, has established a set of robust naming convention rules for Azure, designed to streamline and standardize the way resources are identified. In this article, we explore how leveraging ChatGPT can significantly simplify and automate this task. By integrating ChatGPT's capabilities, we can efficiently generate Azure resource names that are not only in alignment with Microsoft's guidelines but also promote a more organized and manageable cloud environment.
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO & Co-founder at DevRain
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Azure Naming Convention Periodic Table
When you are working with Microsoft Azure, the common task is creating a set of Azure services within resource group. Microsoft designed the named convention and best practices to be used for your Azure services. In general, it looks like the following:
Components of an Azure resource name
More often, you don’t need to overcomplicate the names. E.g., you can use simplified form like <resource type>-<project name>-<purpose>.
Let’s create a prompt:
I need to create an Azure resource group, Azure App Service for the chatbot endpoint, Azure App Service for the configuration panel, Azure AI Service for Language, and Azure Blob storage.
I want to use "devrain" as a project name. If we have multiple services of the same type, please add a purpose to the end of the name. Use lower case for names.
Example of names:
– Azure Blob Storage: st-devrain
– Azure Front Door: afd-devrain
Generate a list of Azure resource names using the best practices from Microsoft and format is as a table (Azure service name, Resource name).
Take abbreviations from the following text:
<paste the content from the Abbreviation examples for Azure resources page>
The output will be:
Azure Service Name Resource Name
Azure Resource Group rg-devrain
Azure App Service (Chatbot Endpoint) app-devrain-chatbot
Azure App Service (Config Panel) app-devrain-config
Azure AI Service for Language lang-devrain
Azure Blob Storage st-devrain
Brilliant! Now I can play with different project names and Azure service configuration:
Please change project name to "mycompany" and propose new names for the following list of Azure services:
– Azure Resource Group
– Azure App Service
– Azure AI Service for Language
– Azure Blob Storage
– Azure App Service Plan
The output will be:
Azure Service Name Resource Name
Azure Resource Group rg-mycompany
Azure App Service app-mycompany
Azure AI Service for Language lang-mycompany
Azure Blob Storage st-mycompany
Azure App Service Plan asp-mycompany
Now you can use the same prompt template to generate Azure resource names for different projects.