Energy Company Uses Digital Workplace Solution for the Frontline Workforce to Enhance Communication

In this case study, we explore how the company leveraged Digital Workplace solution for frontline workforce to improve efficiency.
One of the biggest energy and telecom provider in Netherlands.
The energy company operates a network of retail shops across the country, selling various products and services to customers. However, the company faced a challenge in connecting and engaging its frontline workforce, who often felt isolated and uninformed. The employees had to rely on third-party tools and services for communication and knowledge sharing, which were not secure, reliable, or consistent. Moreover, the company lacked a way to motivate and reward its frontline workers for their performance and sales.


The company decided to implement a custom Digital Workplace solution, designed specifically for its frontline workforce. The solution consisted of a web and mobile application that enabled end-to-end communication and knowledge sharing among the employees, managers, and headquarters. The solution also integrated a gamification feature that allowed the company to create and manage competitions among the retail shops, based on various metrics and goals. The competitions fostered a sense of teamwork, recognition, and fun among the frontline workers, while also driving sales and customer satisfaction.


The Digital Workplace solution had a positive impact on the company’s communication and efficiency. The solution improved the flow of information and feedback between the frontline workers and the management, resulting in better alignment and collaboration. The solution also increased the engagement and retention of the frontline workers, who felt more valued and empowered by the company. The solution also boosted the sales and productivity of the retail shops, as the competitions motivated the frontline workers to perform better and deliver exceptional customer service. The company reported a significant improvement in its key performance indicators, such as revenue, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction.

Technologies & frameworks

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Blazor
  • Xamarin/MAUI