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In an age where data drives decisions, how you manage, process, and search your documents can make all the difference. However, Gartner reports that 80-90% of enterprise data – from emails to PDFs – remains unstructured. This overwhelming volume of unorganized data becomes a barrier, making data access both costly and time-consuming.
Featured Case Studies
Transforming Data Management And Search
Metinvest, an international steel and mining group spent eternity managing and searching through terabytes of data on Microsoft SharePoint. In response, we integrated an advanced multilingual search system enhanced with machine learning. This solution effectively identifies linked documents, detects duplicates, extracts key data insights, and automates document categorization. Read the full story. Read the full story.
Automating Newsletter Creation
UAnimals, a Ukrainian nonprofit's business analyst was spending numerous hours weekly crafting newsletters for various audiences. To streamline this, we implemented the OpenAI API, which auto-generates newsletters from datasets. The process is simplified: the BA chooses a recent dataset, sets up a template with specifics like audience and structure, and then uses the API to draw insights and populate the newsletter. After a quick review, the newsletter is ready to be sent.
AI-Assisted GDPR Compliance Validation
A Swedish law firm struggled with manually checking client documents for GDPR compliance. We developed a semi-automated tool that assessed these documents against GDPR standards, summarizing which criteria were met. Users accessed this tool through a Microsoft Word plugin.
Automating Data Extraction and Document Generation
A notary company, heavily involved in various real estate transactions, faced challenges in managing and processing a substantial amount of documents manually, hindering its ability to scale effectively. The solution involved the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and named entity recognition techniques to automate the extraction of essential information from documents such as ID cards and tax IDs. Additionally, Power Automate was utilized to automate the creation of contracts and other necessary documents from templates, significantly reducing the processing time required for each transaction. This practical application of technology streamlined the company’s workflow, making the handling of monthly deals more efficient and manageable.