Intelligent Social Listening
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Intelligent Social Listening revolutionizes online brand management and market analysis. Moving beyond simple keyword tracking, it uses advanced algorithms and AI to analyze online conversations, extracting key insights and sentiments. This method identifies trends from social media, customer reviews, and forums, providing businesses with strategic data for better decision-making. Discover its impact through our concise case studies.
Featured Case Studies
Monitoring Blood Donor Search Requests
According to WHO, based on samples of 1000 people, the blood donation rate is 32.6 donations in high-income countries, 15.1 donations in upper-middle-income countries, 8.1 donations in lower-middle-income countries and 4.4 donations in low-income countries. Social networks are full of posts from people and blood centers asking to donate blood. Most of these posts remain ignored. We have developed a solution that monitors social networks and identifies posts with requests for blood donation. Read the full story.