The Upskilling Initiative, conducted in Ukraine in 2022, significantly aided several hundred individuals in enhancing their knowledge in key areas such as Microsoft Azure, Infrastructure and Security, Data and AI, and Microsoft Power Platform. Furthermore, participants had the unique opportunity to receive a complimentary voucher for Microsoft certification, further fostering their professional growth in the IT sector.
Our Experts
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO & Co-founder at DevRain
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Anton Boyko
Principal Solution Architect
Stanislav Lebedenko
Cloud Architect at Solidify
Serhii Bielskyi
Head of Technology at ELEKS
The goal is to develop IT beginners by enhancing their technical knowledge and skills in Microsoft cloud and AI technologies. This achieved through up-to-date training sessions led by leading Microsoft Most Valuable Professional experts and partner companies, along with the opportunity to receive a complimentary voucher for certification exams.
Learning Opportunities
Acquire knowledge through free courses and materials from Microsoft Learn, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Pluralsight, and other resources.
Webinars from Microsoft MVPs and RDs
Learn something new from local experts who are Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals and Microsoft Regional Directors.
Microsoft Virtual Training Days
Regular online training sessions from Microsoft that will help expand your technical knowledge of cloud technologies.
Exam Preparation Sessions
Practical sessions by Fast Lane, where you will learn how to best prepare for certification credentials like Microsoft Applied Skills and Microsoft Certifications.
Webinar Recordings
During the Upskilling Initiative, we successfully hosted 10 webinars, all of which are now available on our YouTube playlist. Please be aware that these webinars are conducted in Ukrainian.
Looking For More?
The Upskilling Initiative has now concluded, but our range of professional training services remains available. Designed to keep you abreast of the latest developments in IT, these programs offer expert-led workshops, practical sessions, and comprehensive learning modules. They are ideal for advancing your career or transitioning into new IT roles. We invite you to explore these training opportunities to further your professional growth.
In today's world, knowledge of just a specific programming language or technology is not sufficient for creating comprehensive IT solutions. IT professionals must be familiar with various services, tools, and also know how to apply them appropriately based on business requirements. Training within our initiative enhances technical skills in chosen fields and roles, and certification will be a logical culmination of this learning process.
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO & Co-founder at DevRain