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In an age where data drives decisions, how you manage, process, and search your documents can make all the difference. However, Gartner reports that 80-90% of enterprise data – from emails to PDFs – remains unstructured. This overwhelming volume of unorganized data becomes a barrier, making data access both costly and time-consuming.
Intelligent document processing analyses data from various documents, employing cutting-edge AI technologies or their combination when traditional rule-based solutions and RPA fall. The result? Data is analyzed, categorized, and transformed, ready for system integration, minus human intervention.
From Unstructured Data to Actionable Insights
In today's data-driven world, efficiency in document management is not just a luxury, but a necessity. The difficulties presented by unstructured data can slow business operations, but with the right solutions, they can be transformed into opportunities. At DevRain, we not only recognize the pivotal role of Intelligent Document Processing in this transformation but also ensure it's tailored to meet your unique business needs. By combining the advanced capabilities of Microsoft's AI solutions with our expertise, we're not just offering a service, but a promise – to turn your data challenges into insights, streamlining processes, and driving productivity. Partner with us and experience the future of intelligent document processing today.
Finance Departments

Automating manual data input, turning invoices into insightful data.

Human Resources

Quickly sorting resumes, managing surveys, and handling HR data with ease.

Insurance Companies

Improving claim handling, detecting fraud, optimizing policy triage, and speeding up their document processing.

Law Firms

Archiving, processing, and managing legal data with a level of accuracy that manual processing could never achieve.

Government Agencies

Streamlining permit management, swiftly issuing e-documents, and handling applications with unprecedented efficiency.

Document Intelligence Common Tasks
Using Microsoft's AI tools like Azure AI Document Intelligence, Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Machine Learning, or custom solution we provide direct solutions for intelligent document processing and search, like:

Streamlining documents for easy data extraction and analysis.


Automatically sorting documents based on content and type.


Bridging communication gaps by translating documents to preferred languages.


Producing new documents based on templates and extracted data.

Compliance Check

Ensuring all documents adhere to regulations and standards.

Contextual Search

Search beyond keywords. Understand context for refined results.

As a Microsoft Data & AI Solutions Partner, we harness the best tools for your business transformation. Here are a few examples of how our services already help companies.