Introduction to
Generative AI Tools
Training Course

This training course is designed for a diverse audience who are eager to learn about and effectively use generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, Anthropic Claude, and Google Gemini. The course provides detailed insights into the capabilities and features of each tool, empowering participants to leverage this technology in their respective fields.
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO & Co-founder at DevRain
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Target audience
Developers, content creators, customer service professionals, and anyone keen to explore and leverage the capabilities of generative AI in various applications.
Skills you'll gain
  • Understanding different subscription plans of ChatGPT.
  • Practical knowledge of using free and paid versions of ChatGPT
  • Skills in utilizing advanced features like browsing mode, data analysis, and AI-generated imagery.
  • Insights into other generative AI tools like Microsoft Copilot, Anthropic Claude, and Google Gemini.
Course modules
Module 1. ChatGPT's Subscription Plans Overview
Explore the different subscription plans available for ChatGPT, including Free, Plus, Team, and Enterprise options. Learn about the features, pricing, and ideal use cases for each plan to determine which best suits your needs.
Module 2. Exploring Free ChatGPT 3.5
Discover the capabilities and limitations of the free version of ChatGPT 3.5. Gain practical tips on how to effectively utilize this version for various tasks without incurring costs.
Module 3. Advantages of Paid ChatGPT 4
Dive into the enhanced features and superior performance of the paid version of ChatGPT 4. Understand how these advanced capabilities can be leveraged in professional and enterprise environments.
Module 4. ChatGPT 4 Browsing
Learn how to utilize the browsing mode in ChatGPT 4 to seamlessly access and interact with information on the web, enhancing the AI’s utility for research and data gathering.
Module 5. ChatGPT 4 Advanced Data Analysis
Explore the advanced data analysis capabilities of ChatGPT 4. Understand how to integrate these features to perform complex data analysis tasks more efficiently.
Module 6. ChatGPT 4 Vision
Get acquainted with the vision capabilities of ChatGPT 4, which allow the AI to analyze and interpret images, expanding its application beyond textual data.
Module 7. ChatGPT 4 DALL·E
Learn about the collaboration between ChatGPT 4 and DALL·E to generate creative and realistic images from textual descriptions, opening new possibilities in digital media and content creation.
Module 8. Overview of Microsoft Copilot, Anthropic Claude, and Google Gemini
An in-depth look at other significant generative AI tools in the market, such as Microsoft Copilot, Anthropic Claude, and Google Gemini. Compare their features and practical uses to understand how they can complement or compete with ChatGPT.
What our customers say:
Despite the complexity of the topic, Oleksandr presented a well-structured lecture, that effectively outlined the practical applications of AI copilots, particularly ChatGPT, and demonstrated how they can be utilized in real-world scenarios.
Oksana Ogneva
Oksana Ogneva
Director of Talent Development at Miratech
Oleksandr's ability to cater to a wide audience, transcending geographical boundaries, speaks volumes about his proficiency in delivering content that resonates with individuals from different backgrounds and experiences.
Grigoris Damasiotis
Grigoris Damasiotis
Head of Data Science and Business Transformation CSE MCO at Sanofi
Oleksandr's seminar introduced our company to generative AI and ChatGPT, highlighting their practical applications in the real world. This inspired us to plan a test project next year, aiming to integrate AI into our document management processes.
Oleksii Herashchenko
Oleksii Herashchenko
Deputy Director of Economics and Finance at Yug Contract