Microsoft Azure DevOps
Training Course

This course is focused on teaching the fundamentals and advanced techniques of using Azure DevOps services and tools. It covers continuous integration, continuous delivery, automation, configuration management, and monitoring in the Azure environment. Participants will learn to streamline software development and delivery processes, enhance collaboration between development and operations teams, and implement DevOps best practices using Azure.
Anton Boyko
Principal Solution Architect
Target Audience
Business professionals, IT managers, developers, and decision-makers interested in integrating and understanding the benefits of Azure DevOps.
Skills you'll gain
CD/CI, Azure Pipeline, Azure Repos, Azure Boards.
Course modules
Module 1. Introduction to Azure DevOps: Bridging Business and Technology
Begin your journey into Azure DevOps by understanding its foundational concepts and the pivotal role it plays in modern business landscapes. This module provides an overview of DevOps, emphasizing the unique features and advantages of Azure DevOps. Attendees will be introduced to key terminologies, components, and the business value Azure DevOps brings to organizations.
Module 2. Planning and Tracking with Azure Boards
Dive into the world of Azure Boards, a powerful tool designed to plan, track, and discuss work across various teams. Participants will learn about work items, backlogs, and sprints, and how these elements can be used to ensure projects are aligned with overarching business goals. The module also underscores the importance of collaboration tools in fostering teamwork and efficiency.
Module 3. Continuous Integration and Delivery with Azure Pipelines
Unravel the intricacies of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) in the Azure environment. This module delves into the processes behind Azure Pipelines, highlighting the benefits it brings to businesses, such as faster time-to-market and improved return on investment. Attendees will also be introduced to best practices and strategies to ensure smooth and efficient deployments.
Module 4. Collaboration and Code Management with Azure Repos
Experience the synergy of version control and collaborative coding through Azure Repos. Participants will gain insights into Git integration, pull requests, and the advantages these tools offer from a business perspective, such as enhanced code quality, security, and team collaboration. The module will also cover effective strategies for code reviews and fostering a collaborative coding environment.
Module 5. Monitoring and Feedback with Azure Monitor and Test Plans
Monitoring and feedback are crucial in the iterative development process. This module introduces attendees to Azure Monitor's capabilities and the significance of implementing Test Plans for quality assurance. From a business angle, participants will explore how to derive insights from customer behavior, improve user experience, and leverage feedback for both product and process enhancement.
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