Microsoft Azure FinOps
Training Course

This course covers key FinOps principles, cost management strategies, and best practices for optimizing cloud spend. Participants will learn to leverage Azure's tools and features to achieve financial accountability and gain insights into effective budgeting, forecasting, and resource allocation. The curriculum is geared towards IT and finance professionals seeking to blend technological and financial expertise to drive cost efficiency in Azure cloud deployments.
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO & Co-founder at DevRain
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Anton Boyko
Principal Solution Architect
Target Audience
Professionals in finance, IT specialists, business managers, and anyone interested in optimizing financial operations within the Azure cloud environment.
Skills you'll gain
Azure fundamentals, Cost Management
Course modules
Module 1. Introduction to Azure FinOps
Explore the basics of variable spend models in the Azure environment and understand the role of FinOps in business. This module covers essential concepts and terms, helping participants get a solid understanding of Azure FinOps and its impact on financial planning.
Module 2. Principles and Practices of Azure FinOps
Learn about the fundamental principles of Azure FinOps and delve deeper into Azure cloud cost models. This module highlights how Azure FinOps integrates with traditional financial processes, ensuring a smooth blend of tech and finance in cloud operations.
Module 3. Implementing Azure FinOps
Transitioning to Azure FinOps requires careful planning and teamwork. This module guides participants through the initial steps, from setting up a FinOps team to ensuring alignment with company goals. The focus is on promoting collaboration between finance and tech teams.
Practice Session 1. Analyzing Azure Cloud Costs
Engage in a hands-on session using a simulated Azure cloud environment. Participants will use tools to analyze cloud costs, and group discussions will allow for sharing insights and strategies for cost management.
Module 4. Cost Optimization and Control in Azure
Managing costs in Azure requires understanding the main cost factors and effective strategies. This module introduces participants to cost optimization techniques, offers guidance on setting up controls, and shares real-world examples for clearer understanding.
Module 5. The Technological Cornerstone of Azure FinOps
Technology is central to Azure FinOps. This module covers the role of cloud management platforms, automation in cost management, data analytics for reporting, and how FinOps fits with other IT tools.
Practice Session 2. Azure Cost Optimization Workshop
Engage in a practical session using a virtual Azure environment. Participants will identify and implement cost-saving measures, then monitor and assess the results, preparing them for real-world Azure FinOps tasks.
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