Midjourney Prompt Book

Our Midjourney Prompt Book is a mix of AI-made art and how-to guides. It’s not just about showing art; it helps you understand it. There’s a quick guide to get you started, easy-to-follow bits on how prompts work, and a peek into some advanced Midjourney’s tools and settings. It’s made for everyone, from artists and designers to those simply interested in understanding AI creativity.
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO & Co-founder at DevRain
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What's Inside The Book?

Quick Start Guide: A beginner-friendly walkthrough on how to explore AI art, explaining the basics and helping you get started with ease.
Over 590 AI Artworks: Delve into a rich collection spanning 15 diverse categories, offering insights from distinct styles, renowned architects, art movements, to master painters like Dali.
Unpacking AI Creativity: A straightforward explanation of how Midjourney translates prompts into art.

How To Get The Book?

Our comprehensive guide is available for purchase through two convenient online platforms:
Gumroad: Here, you can find a previous edition of the book. Gumroad offers an easy and secure purchasing process. Purchase on a Gumroad.
Buy Me a Coffee: For the latest version visit our page on Buy Me a Coffee.
If you encounter any issues or these options do not suit your needs, we are more than happy to assist you personally. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your request, and we will ensure a smooth and satisfactory process to deliver the book to you.
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Fuel your imagination with Midjourney Prompt Book. Over 590 AI images (with exact prompts) spanning 15 diverse categories: from unique styles like low poly, to master painters like Dali, renowned architects, filmmakers, art movements, and more.

Commitment to Charity

We are proud to announce that all proceeds from the sale are donated to charity. Your purchase is not just an investment in your knowledge and creativity but also a contribution to a noble cause.
To provide you with a glimpse of what Midjourney Prompt Book has to offer, we invite you to explore a free sample of the book. This preview will give you an insight into the quality and depth of content you can expect.
Quick Start Guide
Begin your Midjourney with this essential quick start guide. Learn the basics, navigate the interface, and explore initial settings to effectively embark on your creative exploration.
Dive into the diverse world of artistic styles. This chapter showcases a variety of styles, guiding you through their characteristics, historical significance, and application in modern design.
Explore the lives and works of legendary painters. This chapter provides insights into the masterpieces and artistic journeys of painters who have significantly influenced the art world.
Delve into the world of architecture. This chapter highlights the contributions of renowned architects, discussing their innovative designs and the impact they've had on the landscape of modern architecture.
Journey into the cinematic world of filmmakers. This chapter examines the creative processes, techniques, and storytelling methods of influential filmmakers, shaping the evolution of cinema.
Discover the imaginative realm of illustrators. This chapter delves into the techniques, inspirations, and unique styles of various illustrators, highlighting their contribution to visual storytelling.
Art movements
Trace the evolution of art through various movements. This chapter provides an overview of significant art movements, their key characteristics, and their impact on the development of modern art.
Explore the representation of people in art. This chapter examines how artists across various mediums and styles portray the human form and express the complexity of human emotions and experiences.
Dive into the visions of the future. This chapter explores futuristic concepts and designs in art, architecture, and technology, showcasing how creative minds envision tomorrow's world.
Savor the artistic representation of food. This chapter indulges in the delightful ways artists and designers use food as a subject, symbol, and inspiration in their creative works.
Accelerate through the history and art of cars. This chapter explores the evolution of automobile design, highlighting iconic models and the artistic interpretation of cars in various mediums.
Delve into the animal kingdom as depicted in art. This chapter covers various artistic representations of animals, exploring their symbolism, aesthetic appeal, and role in storytelling.
Explore the creation and evolution of characters in various media. This chapter discusses character design, development, and the role of characters in storytelling and audience engagement.
This chapter embraces the eclectic and unique. It covers a range of topics that don't fit neatly into other categories, offering a treasure trove of diverse artistic concepts and creations.
Step into the world of interior design. This chapter examines the principles of interior design, exploring various styles, trends, and the influence of culture and technology in shaping living spaces.
This chapter offers a unique perspective on Ukraine, exploring its rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and contemporary artistic expressions in the context of its vibrant art scene.
What do people think:
Just bought it - great resource. Was looking for a comprehensive overview like this a while back and ended up just scraping infos from the official docs and some blog posts here and there. This eBook is a great starter and seems super comprehensive.
René Pfitzner
René Pfitzner
Founder of experify.io
I like the Midjourney and your book makes it much easier to generate great results for blog and social media previews. Good luck in growing the prompt library.
Ivan Palii
Ivan Palii
Product Manager