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Utilizing a fusion of classic NLP, LLM models, Azure services, Microsoft Copilot Studio, our Microsoft-certified team crafts bespoke AI assistants, including advanced chatbots and copilots. We deliver chatbots designed for rapid, precise responses and copilots adept at aiding smart decision-making, thereby amplifying your business's efficiency and impact.
From agriculture, real estate to finance and more, our AI assistants have changed how businesses talk to customers and run their operations.

Introducing Chatty, The AI Solution Behind Our Success Stories

Meet Chatty, our secret solution behind many of the AI chatbots we've developed across industries. Powered by ChatGPT, Chatty isn't just any chatbot. It's a dynamic interface designed to handle thousands of customer inquiries with precision, delivering quick, context-aware answers. And when things get too specific, Chatty knows when to step back and transfer the chat to a human expert.
Here are a few examples of how our services already help companies.
Featured Case Studies
Enabling Quick Access to Corporate Knowledge For Minimizing Support Specialist Dependency
In this case study, we explore how the company leveraged Azure services and the innovative 'ChatGPT on Your Data' approach, incorporating Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), to effectively manage and utilize a vast collection of documents. This solution significantly streamlined information retrieval, reducing dependency on support specialists and enhancing their efficiency in addressing requests. Read the full story.
Intelligent Assistant for Revenue Management platform
Intelligent assistant for Revenue Management platform helps companies & employees to improve user experience and receive proactive alerts and recommendations. Read the full story.
Simplified Access to Agricultural Data
A leading Ukrainian agricultural company had lots of valuable data in different file types. Our copilot made this info easy to find, always updating from sources like Zendesk and SharePoint. Now, expert advice is just a chat away.
Property Insights at Chat Speed
DevRain partnered with a big Ukrainian property developer to create a chatbot. This bot quickly gives buyers property details without waiting for brochures or calls. It also works smoothly with tools like Zoho and Microsoft Teams.
Customer Support with a Multilingual Intelligent Chatbot
LIGA Zakon, despite boasting a range of successful products, grappled with inefficiencies stemming from a cumbersome customer support process. The ambition was to refine and automate customer interactions, ensuring queries were swiftly categorized into distinctive types such as "general", "technical", or "financial", and this across multiple languages. The resolution was the integration of an intelligent chatbot, meticulously designed to be a repository of a comprehensive FAQ section, and empowered with a custom machine learning model. This model was nurtured with insights gleaned from historical customer conversations, enabling it to proficiently navigate through customer queries. Equipped with language detection capabilities and a mechanism for evaluating responses, the chatbot emerged as a transformative solution, heralding a new era of efficiency and responsiveness in LIGA Zakon’s customer support ecosystem.
Animal Welfare with AI-Powered Customer Support
UAnimals, a forefront organization in animal welfare, championing causes from emergency relief in war zones to pioneering cruelty-free fashion initiatives in Ukraine, embraced technological innovation to enhance their outreach and support. Faced with a plethora of queries and the need for efficient communication, an OpenAI-powered chatbot was integrated into their customer support. This intelligent chatbot, specifically designed for answering FAQs, optimizes the organization’s response time, allowing for immediate, accurate information dissemination. The implementation of this AI solution not only elevates the organization’s operational efficiency but also ensures that the compassionate community of over 300,000 individuals supporting UAnimals receives timely and essential information, enhancing their engagement and participation in the noble cause of forging a Ukraine free from animal cruelty.
AI-Powered Solutions for Telecom Challenges
Facing an influx of customer queries, Ukraine's leading telecom company struggled with timely and accurate responses. We collaborated to implement a chatbot, harnessing OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Search. This optimized internal workflows by sorting client queries and directing them to the right department, ensuring customers get prompt responses from the right experts. As a result, customers enjoyed quicker, expert-driven answers, improving their overall experience.
Integrating OpenAI into Fintech Services
Working with big Ukrainian banks, we used OpenAI to improve call chats. For an EU startup, we swapped their old chatbot tech with ChatGPT from OpenAI, boosting their bot's response rate by 15% and cutting down their training data needs by 40%.