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The digital age continues to revolutionize the way enterprises function. In the middle of this, the core issue remains: the average enterprise juggles dozens of IT systems. While it may seem efficient on the surface, this setup tends to lack a human-centric approach. Enter Microsoft 365, with Teams as its nucleus, poised to redefine modern workspace efficiency.
Our Experts
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO & Co-founder at DevRain
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Mykhailo Galushko
CTO & Co-founder at DevRain
In today's dynamic work environment, productivity and collaboration can't be confined to siloed applications. The modern workspace is about seamless interaction, unified platforms, and solutions that prioritize users over systems. Why should an employee shuffle between different apps when they can have everything under one umbrella?

Custom Microsoft Teams Apps Development

Transform your Teams platform with tailored applications. From intuitive chatbots to purpose-built tabs and innovative messaging extensions, we craft tools that elevate your Teams experience.

Migration Services

Still hooked to on-premises, Slack, or Google Workplace? Transition seamlessly to Microsoft 365 and Teams, unlocking unmatched efficiency and capabilities.

Microsoft 365 Licensing

Navigate the intricate world of Microsoft 365 licensing with our expert guidance. Ensure you get the right plan for your business needs without any excess costs.

Why Choose DevRain?

DevRain isn't just another software company. Our process in Microsoft technologies is rooted in our extensive experience and commitment to excellence.

  • Experience
    Proven track record in designing complex, scalable, and robust solutions.
  • Microsoft ecosystem knowledge
    A deep understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem, including Microsoft Azure, .NET, Microsoft 365, and more.
  • Microsoft Certified
    Multple certified experts on board.

At DevRain, we harness the full power of:

  • Microsoft Teams SDK
    Craft bespoke solutions tailored for Teams.
  • Microsoft Graph
    Access and manipulate Microsoft 365 suite data, ensuring seamless connectivity across apps.
  • Microsoft Azure
    Capitalize on the immense capabilities of Azure, ensuring robust, scalable, and secure solutions.
  • 3rd party tools
    ntegrate and leverage essential third-party tools, enhancing the depth and breadth of your digital solutions.
What our customers say:
Their competency level is something that sets them apart from their competitors.
Eugene Kahanovskyi
Eugene Kahanovskyi
Public Sector Executive at Microsoft