Free Software Services And Tools for Ukrainians During a War

In difficult times when Ukraine is at war, many global and domestic software companies decided to support Ukrainians, Ukrainian for-profit and non-profit organizations. We want to share a list of thes

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Oleksandr Krakovetskyi 21 June 2022

In difficult times when Ukraine is at war, many global and domestic software companies decided to support Ukrainians, Ukrainian for-profit and non-profit organizations. We want to share a list of these offers.

Apropo AI is an automation tool specifically for software development companies and specialists. Apply for a free 6-month subscription.

YouScan is an AI-powered social media intelligence platform with industry-leading image recognition capabilities. For subscribing to the service for 3 months — you will receive 6 months of use, for 6 — you will receive 12 months of use. Apply.

Microsoft. Fee licenses up to 6 months for Ukrainian businesses: Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Teams, Visio, Azure. Apply.

CleanMyMac by MacPaw is an app for cleaning up and speeding up your Mac, allowing you to optimize and protect your experience. You can get a free year of CleanMyMac. Apply with a promo code SAVEUKRAINE.

Maxon is a graphics tool. Free licenses for Ukrainian artists. Send request to

Webex by Cisco. For Ukrainians, Cisco extends any package of services for a year and do not charge money for it. Apply.

Adobe. Free use for 2 or 3 months of all products to Ukrainians who have already signed up for the company’s services. Apply.

Readymag is a design tool to create outstanding projects in the browser. Free annual subscription for Ukrainian users. Apply.

NetHunt CRM is a CRM system for small and medium businesses. Free 6 months of using NetHunt CRM, the next 6 months with a 50% discount. Apply.

NewsWhip is a real-time media monitoring platform. Free access to NewsWhip Spike for any journalists, scientists or non-governmental organizations that detect or combat Russian misinformation and manipulation on social networks around the invasion of Ukraine. To get set up, email data for democracy team at

Project Galileo by Cloudflare is a website security system. Free protection for Ukrainian organizations that have faced a DDoS attack. Apply.

Weblium — Website builder. 40% discount — when buying or renewing an annual subscription. Free access for all NGOs and volunteers who create sites to fight the aggressor. Apply with promo code PALIANYTSIA.

LeanIX is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for managing Enterprise Architecture and multi-cloud environments. Free access to Ukrainian organizations and businesses to support their digital infrastructure and reduce cyber risks. Send request to

Slack. Free Pro plan upgrade for teams with a workspace of up to 250 participants or an upgrade with an 85% Business + Plan discount. 85% discount on both Pro and Business + plan for teams with a workspace of more than 250 participants. Apply with TechSoup.

Figma is an online service for interface designers and web developers. Constant access to paid features for current Ukrainian customers. Send request to

ProtonMail is an e-mail service with special privacy and security. Free extension of subscriptions to users of paid tariffs from Ukraine. Send request to

TaskCall Cloud Services is an incident response and management service. Free services for Ukrainians customers. Send request to

Splash is a platform for creating events. Free access to the platform to non-profits. Apply. is a service for automating the export of data from various web applications to Google Sheets, Excel, BigQuery. Free service for Ukrainian companies that were affected by the war. Send request to

Bitdefender. Up to 50 licenses of its cybersecurity solutions free of charge to eligible Ukrainian NGOs, via the TechSoup donation program. Apply.

Cypherdog. Free 12-month subscriptions of their safe file transfer, storage, and encryption to 1,000 users of qualified NGOs. Send request to

Gizmi. A fast-payment platform. Free for six months to Ukrainian citizens and nonprofits to receive donations through a simple link. Apply.

UIPath. A selected package of tools for business process optimization (10 Flex Automation Developers, 2 Unattended Robots, 5 AI Unit bundles, UiPath Automation Hub, and 10 Action Center users). Send request to

Caspio. Free no-code application development platform for anyone to build apps to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian refugee crisis. Apply.

Zendesk’s Tech for Good Program. 12 months of Service Suite software in-kind to any non-profit, NGO, or volunteer group. Apply.

Veeam offers support

for our friends in Ukraine

Veeam offers free, fully featured data protection products with full production support to businesses and government agencies based in Ukraine. Apply.

If you see missed offers, please post information about them in comments.

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