Text Generation: From GPT-1 to #ChatGPT

In recent years, the field of natural language processing has seen significant advancements in the area of content generation. Prior to this, the focus had been on models such as word2vec and BERT.

Text Generation: From GPT-1 to #ChatGPT
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Playing With ChatGPT: Learning Azure, Advantages and Disadantages of Microsoft Teams, Must-Read Books for Developers, and more

This article was written by ChatGPT mostly. I asked a few questions about Microsoft products, learning paths and careers for software developers.

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi 28 December 2022

MVP, RD, MCT, etc., or How the Microsoft expert ecosystem works

I was 23 years old at that time, which made me one of the youngest Regional Director in history. My cooperation has lasted for more than 14 years, which is also quite a long period.

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi 17 October 2022
Microsoft Teams

Creating a new Microsoft Teams meeting. It's easy, right?

A few tips you should know when creating a new meeting.

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi 4 February 2022
Microsoft Teams

Fewer Emails, More Engagement With Microsoft Teams

How to send emails to the Microsoft Teams channel.

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi 19 March 2021
Microsoft Teams

Multi-Tenant and Multi-Account Scenario in Microsoft Teams

The most requested feature for Microsoft Teams.

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi 12 March 2021